Call, Text and Surf The Internet With Philippine Airlines IN AIR Service

Our country’s flagship carrier  Philippine Airlines is now offering phone and internet service while on board the flight. The service is called IN AIR service. Yes folks! We can now call, text and surf the net while on board PAL flights. Munich-based TriaGnoSys provided the equipment installed on the PAL’s Boeing 777-330ER aircraft while Geneva-based OnAir provides phone and internet service.



Photo from Yugatech

There are charges when connecting to In Air service – $5 for 30 minutes, $10 for 1 hour, $20 for 3 hours and $40 for the entire flight.  Phone and internet connection is turned off when the plane is taking off or is descending till landing. PAL will soon install special equipment provided by TriaGnoSys on their other aircraft. For now only Boeing 777-330ERs have phone and internet capabilities. The aircraft is designed for long range flights like Manila to Vancouver.


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