Apple’s iOS 7 Hands On Experience: My Likes and Dislikes

Yes Apple fans, iOS 7 is ready for download! I didn’t bother to download those beta version because I really want to share what I think of the end product itself. I own an Apple iPhone 5 and iPad 4 and pretty satisfied with it. The moment my iPhone booted up with iOS 7 already running it I was just amazed . It felt like I had an new phone. This is what I like about Apple over Google’s Android. When they release a software update, even older devices can get it all at the same time. Let’s now dig in into the new features.

New Icons:

There are new icons on the home screen preloaded apps like Calendar, Photo, Calculator, Settings, Safari, etc. I have this impression that my 12 year old nephew owns the phone. Its kinda girly but that’s just me. Lastly, I prefer the older design on the signal bar rather than dots.



New Lockscreen:

On the first beta release, the lockscreen only has “slide to unlock” notice but has no arrows. Good thing they added an arrow on the final software.



Control Center:

One of iOS 7’s new feature is the Command Center. It lets you access frequency used settings like display brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Music, and even new features like flashlight and Air Drop can be found there. You can access it by swiping from the bottom of the screen. Sometimes I accidentally pull up the Command Center while going thru my contacts, messages, and web browsing. Generally, I like the idea of the of a Command Center. You don’t to to thru the setting we used to do.




Notification Center:

Android is that you? The best Android feature is now on iOS devices. The Notification Center has been improved now shows the date on a big font, Calendar activities, and Weather. But I prefer weather icons rather than just plain texts. Oh, before I forgot, just swipe down on you screen to access it.



Photo Gallery:

Now this is my favorite new feature. My photos are now organized! I currently have more than 1,000 photos already they are organized into dates plus places where photos are taken are included.






Camera Interface:

Camera interface has been changes as well. One notable addition is the “square” option which is the same size of Instagram photos. No need to crop your pictures just post it away.





Windows Phone is that you? Just like what they did on the Notification Center, iOS 7 borrowed one notable Windows Phone 8 feature – Multitasking. Double click on the home button to access multitasking. To end a running app just swipe the app upwards.





We all know that the keyboard on iOS devices remains the best. Nothing has changed on the onscreen keyboard but the color has changed. I kinda like it too but I was hoping that there is an option to change the keyboard’s color.



Siri has improved as well. I tested Siri as well and talking to her is like talking to another human. Neat feature.

Overall, iOS 7 is an evolution. Like what I said earlier, it feels like I bought a new phone.


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