Instagram For Windows Phone Review

It is such an irony that I am an avid fan of Windows Phone but doesn’t own one. What stops me from owning a WP device is one app – Instagram. This photo sharing app became popular when it launched around 2010 for iOS devices. The app’s popularity skyrocketed when it was made available on Android devices on April 2012. The app grew really popular that even Windows Phone users are drooling for it. Third party Instagram clients like Instance and 6tag became popular. Now, an official Instagram app is now available for Windows Phone users to download. I took is as a sign and as of last week, I am now an official Windows Phone user!


The user interface is very different from iOS and Android devices. Let me remind you guys that the Instagram on WP is still on beta so this is not yet the final app yet. Expect some bugs and errors while using it.



Basically, you can do almost everything on what you do to on your Android  or iOS app – post pictures, tag people, make hashtags, find friends, follow and unfollow friends. But since its a beta release, there are some things you can’t do just yet.

  • No Instagram Direct just yet. This means you cannot send private photos or videos to a specific or group of persons.
  • No Instagram camera just yet. As you can see the picture above there’s that Instagram logo where on iOS and Android devices, will go directly to your camera. When you press it, it will go to your phone’s photo gallery instead then there’s an option whether to post from the gallery or take a photo.
  • Cannot upload video. One biggest gripe for many WP users is you still cannot upload videos thru the app.

Should this stop you from switching to Windows Phone? No. Update will come soon. For now, I strongly recomment you use 6tag, a third party Instagram client with almost the same experience when you use Instagram on iOS and Android. You can do everything even post videos. 6tag was also updated to have Instagram direct as well.

Here are some of the photos of what 6tag looks like.



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