Globe Offers Samsung Galaxy Forever Plan

Are you a loyal Samsung Galaxy user? Do replace your Galaxy device every year? We have some good news for you! Globe Telecom has  recently launched a unique postpaid plan for Samsung Galaxy users called the Galaxy Forever Plan. It is quite similar to Globe’s iPhone Forever Plan in which a subscriber can own a new Samsung Galaxy flagship every year without waiting for its 24-month contract to finish.


The Samsung Galaxy S5

A subscriber will get a Samsung Galaxy device after 12 months by renewing their contract and trading in their old Galaxy device and pay for a smaller cash out of the new device or pay the full one time fee if the subscriber wants to retain the old device.

Here are the available Galaxy Forever Plans:

Galaxy Forever Plan 1599

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 with P16,800 cash out
  • 1.5GB GoSurf consumable data
  • Free 6 months Spotify premium
  • Unlimited calls and text to Globe/TM or unlimited texts to all networks

Galaxy Forever Plan 1999

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 with P14,800 cash out
  • 3GB GoSurf consumable data
  • Free 6 months Spotify premium
  • Unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM or unlimited texts to all networks

Galaxy Forever Plan 2499

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 with 12,800 cash out
  • 5GB GoSurf consumable data
  • Free 6 months Spotify premium
  • Unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM or unlimited texts to all networks

Subscribers can sign up for the new Galaxy Forever Plan until July 31, 2014. Check out more about the Samsung Galaxy S5 here.


Spotify Arrives In the Philippines, Partners With Globe

For those who are familiar with Spotify. it is an online music streaming service with more than 30 Million active users worldwide. Spotify originated from Stockholm, Sweden in 2008 and got 10 Million users in 2010. As of December 2013, Spotify is now available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. Unfortunately, Spotify remained to be unavailable in our country till last week when the service became official.





Spotify has partnered with Globe to offer the service to the telco’s 38 Million subscribers. Globe will be offering a new internet service called GoSurf. Roll out for GoSURF will start on April 13. Prepaid subscribers can avail of the following: GoSURF 10 – 10MB of data plus Spotify for 24 hours; GoSURF 299 – 700MB of data plus Spotify Premium for 30 days; GoSURF 999 – 5GB of data with Spotify Premium for 30 days. Postpaid subscribers can avail of the GoSURF 299 and GoSURF 999.

You can download and subscribe to Spotify now on your Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.



Globe Bares Pricing For The Samsung Galaxy S5

Globe has announced its postpaid pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Check it out below:



Globe has not released any pricing for its prepaid subscribers. We are lucky enough to place a pre-order of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Our unit will be delivered probably on April 11, 2014 which is also the Philippine launch of the new Samsung flagship. Expect our unboxing and first impressions ASAP.

Do you want to place your pre-order for the Samsung Galaxy S5? Click here.

Cloudfone Excite 451TV Free At Globe MySuperPlan 599

Local tech brand Cloudfone and local telco Globe Telecom have been long-time partners when it comes to offering smartphones and tablets free and exclusive for Globe’s postpaid services. One of which is the Cloudfone Excite 451TV, an Android smartphone offered exclusively by Globe. Enjoy this phone Free with unlimited calls and texts to Globe and TM plus free TV at Plan 599. Yes, the Cloudfone Excite 451TV has analogue TV onboard that let’s you watch your favorite teleseryes, movies, news, sitcoms and TV shows from free channels like ABS-CBN, GMA, ETC, ABS-CBN Sports + Action, GMA News TV, Solar New Channel, and many more.


Cloudfone Excite 451TV specs:

  • 1,3GHz Dual Core processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 4GB internal memory expandable via MicroSD up to 32GB
  • 4.5-inch display
  • 5 megapixel rear facing camera with flash
  • VGA front facing camera
  • HSPA+, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Mobile TV
  • GPS, A-GPS
  • Android 4.2 Jellybean


Just go to your nearest Globe store and apply/renew your postpaid service now.

Globe’s Samsung Galaxy S5 Pre-order Page Now Up!

Excited to get a hold on the new Samsung Galaxy S5? Globe has set up a pre-order page for interested subscribers on the new Samsung flagship.


Unveiled in New York and on the recently concluded Mobile World Congress (MWC), the Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most anticipated smartphone to be announed. Samsung has also announced during the said event that the new flagship will be available on April 11, 2014 on 150 countries including the Philippines. Globe will be officially bringing the S5 locally on April 11.


Before getting one, we suggest that you watch some of the international blogger’s first impressions with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

FilipinoTechAddict Rants: What’s Wrong With Globe?!?

Blogging has become my passion for almost a year now. I got inspired to create this blog and share my addiction to gadgets when I met the people behind, the 2nd most read local tech blog in the country with more than a million monthly readers. Being a blogger, it is essential for me that I have my laptop and mobile phones with me all the time. Of course, I do need a reliable mobile internet service.


I have been a Globe subscriber for 11 years now. I left Smart in 2003 because of my growing number of phonebook contacts who are Globe subscribers. During that time, it is cheaper to call a fellow Globe subscriber. When unli services were offered by Globe in 2005, I decided to renew my contract with them and even got the hottest phone. I never had problems with the service because it was so good. Signal was excellent in the areas where I go, call quality was good and receiving/sending text messages are smooth. Globe was even the first telco to introduce HSPA+, an internet standard faster than ordinary 3G. Man, internet was so fast! When I renewed my subscription with them, I even upgraded to a higher plan with unlimited internet.


Globe’s HSPA+ speed test in our office in Ayala Ave, Makati City

Globe had network problems in 2012 due to its network modernization program in which I do expect and understand. I was looking forward when the upgrade is over, better service will follow. Pero, ANYARE?!? Globe surprised its subscribers when it announced its new Fair Use Policy (FUP) that limits a subscriber’s internet usage. Once you reach 1GB of data transfer a day, your LTE or HSPA+ connection will be downgraded to 2G speeds. Angry subscribers have laid down their rants over the internet. Many have switched to rival Smart Communications in order to get a reliable connection.

It pissed me off when I received this text message:


I quickly removed my Globe postpaid SIM and inserted my Smart postpaid SIM. About 2 years ago, I applied for a Smart Freedom Plan in order for me stay connected in rural areas. We all know how extensive Smart’s coverage is. It was eventually been upgraded to All-In Plan 500.  I started researching about Globe and Smart’s FUP wrote articles about it



My Smart All-in Plan 500 is quite underwhelming compared to my Globe bigger and costly postpaid plan. But I am so glad that I got a Smart plan because it saved me from frustration and disappointment. Now, I am a happy Smart subscriber. Smart’s LTE is super fast! I am getting 20 to 30Mbps and better call quality. Yes, Smart has a bandwidth cap too like Globe but it does not cover VAS (value added service). Internet bundles like LTE 995 or anything under Flexibundles are exempted from Smart’s 1.5GB a day or a month cap.


A text message thread between the author and his friend.

I have been receiving complains from friends and family about Globe’s services recently. My good friend said he has been receiving poor internet connection in their area where Globe used to have fast connection. I had so many encounters that I can’t connect to my mother’s number because she’s “out of reach” and later on finding out that she has no signal even in Makati area. Another friend has been receiving delayed text messages. What’s happening to Globe?!?


A disappointed Globe subscriber ranting on Instagram.

The problem is I can’t discontinue my Globe postpaid plan because I’m still bound within my contract until October 2014. I’m currently paying P2,500 a month for my Globe service and P1,500 a month for my Smart. Grabe! Ang gastos! But despite Globe’s poor service, I still remain positive that Globe can resolve these problems. I hope they can solve it pretty soon or else they might lose many of their nearly 40 Million subscribers.

Why Smart’s Fair Use Policy is Better Than Globe

I was reading various blogs and exchange of opinions regarding Globe’s revised Fair Use Policy which limits a subscriber to 1GB per day bandwidth cap or 3GB per month which ever comes first. To those who has no idea about the topic, when you are surfing the web there’s is a transfer of data – download and upload. Data transfer is measured by how many bytes, kilobytes (KB) or megabytes (MB) has been running while surfing. Once you reach 1GB (that’s 1,000MB) your internet connection will be downgraded from 3G, HSPA+, LTE to 2G speeds and that’s sloooowww.


On a day to day mobile internet use, it is really seldom to reach 1GB of data transfers if you’re like just checking Facebook, Twitter, Viber chatting, uploading pictures on Instagram or just watching You Tube videos. When you start downloading games especially those graphic intense ones and torrents, I’m pretty sure your internet will be downgraded in no time.

Now, it seems many subscribers hate Globe right now (including myself). The telco released an infograph about their FUP but rants and disappointments continue to pour. People are now setting their eyes on Globe’s chief rival Smart. We all know how vast Smart LTE’s network and how incredibly fast it is. Just so you know, Smart has their own Fair Use Policy which limits a subscriber to 1.5GB per day or 1.5GB per month which is ever comes first. But unlike Globe, Smart is more lenient when it comes to implementing its policy.

But wait there’s more! If Globe has exemptions to the FUP (P5 per 15 mins internet and BlackBerry Internet Service), Smart has more exemptions like VAS (value added services). If you are subscribed from Smart’s unli LTE for 1 day, 7 days and 30 days, you are exempted from the 1.5GB data cap! I am on Smart’s All In Plan 500 and currently subscribed to LTE 995 which has unli LTE for 30 days. Exempted ako! This makes Smart’s FUP better than Globe.

Check it out – Smart’s Fair Use Policy


According to tech blog Yugatech, Smart’s free and unlimited LTE is until March 31, 2014 for Unlidata subscribers. Beyond that date regular surfing rates will apply if you’re on LTE. You have to add LTE 995 to enjoy unli LTE on top of your plan.  My idol Abe Olandres, founder of Yugatech, is a loyal Globe subscriber and suddenly switched to Smart after Globe implemented the FUP. Related article – click here and here. I have both Smart and Globe postpaid subscriptions. Before the FUP, I use my Globe as my main line. I suddenly took my Globe SIM out of my Sony Xperia Z1 and inserted my Smart SIM and subscribed to LTE 995. So happy that I made a switch. 🙂